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Office Store

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… tips for searching

The Search menu provides commands to search for information …

Use key words in your search that are relevant to your enquiry …

For example type: Office 365 in the search box and press search or hit the return key on your keyboard to find all the pages and titles related to Office 365 then choose the link you are most interested in by clicking on the title on the results page

If there is no results returned then modify your key words to something more suitable …

For example try: SharePoint will return a lot of information relative to SharePoint

You can use one key word for example Cloud to search for all pages with the word Cloud

Or you can use two key words for example Cloud Computing to search for more specific content

If you do not find what you are looking for using the search, try browsing Contents or clicking through the built in links until you find what you are looking for and bookmark it

If all else fails then expand your search with an email message to us or use the contact us page to define your enquiry further and we will try to answer it

Thanks for using this site

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